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    How can you add a program to the trusted lits?

      Guys i really need some help there is a program bbeing quarantied i really need it and i know for sure its trusted i have been using it for years. Mcafee was just fine intil today it quarantined it and i keep restoring it and it just quarantines it again. I all ready  tried everything turning of real time scanning and it somehow still quarantines it after i restore it. I really need help if someone knows if there is a way to put it is a safe list or something. This is a program that i pay a monthly subscription to so i need to fix this asap. Thnks in advance.

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          You don't state what product you are using, home or business, but I'll assume home.  The only time you can tell VirusScan to ignore a program is when it labels it as a PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program).


          You will have to temorarily disable VirusScan long enough for you to submit it to the lab for analysis.


          The procedure is outlined here.

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            Yes im so sorry about that, Im using Mcafee total protection 2010. I will go ahead and send the item but the problem is that i cant turn off mcafee. I turn off real time scanning and ive even tried turning off the firewall. Nothing seems to work when i restore the file mcafee still quarantines it. Ive also tried closing Mcafee completly but still the same results. Any  advide or help would be much appreciated.

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              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


              If it's the square red icon with a white M in it it's still the 2009 version...


              Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)

              Click Configure (left)

              Click Computer & Files (top left)

              disable in the right-hand panel and tell it for how long.

              Click Apply and OK.


              If it is the shield-shaped icon then it is the 2010 version....


              Click Virus and Spyware Protection to expand the section

              Click Real Time Scanning

              Click Turn Off

              Select Never and click Turn Off again

              Close the SecurityCenter


              (Don't forget to turn it on again once finished).


              You should be able to restore the item now without it being re-quarantined.

              If not then something is wrong and perhaps you should contact Technical Support Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page.



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