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    Artemis- How does it work ?

      I have purchased McAfee Total Protection 2010 just few days back. I have been reading about the Artemis Technology and I understand it is a real time protection technology. But I would like to get more details as the web sites give a vague description. I had put to test some new viruses. The viruses were not detected by McAfee. So I send it to Avertlabs via e-mail and in 4-5 hours Artemis Signatures were released.

      I tried scanning with real tie scanning option but the Artemis signatures did not detect the virus. From the site virustotal.com, I was able to know that signatures for the viruses were released. I waited for 2-3 hours but noted that still in my system the virus was not detected. So please let me know how the system works.

      Because if the new viruses already infect and then disconnect your Internet, the issue would not be resolved and your computer would crash. Please could an expect in Artemis Technology explain , how the signature and when it gets updated in McAfee installed PC. I would also like to know if this Technology is available in McAfee Total Protection - Home editions.



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          hey sunvit,Here is a link for now you may want to look at.



          If this does`nt answer maybe someone else can answer remaining questions for you.Hope this helps


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            Thanks Newjack. But that is theory. I have even tried just now. I have a file that is Artemis!F0F7EC03E6CD . I tried scanning this on my PC. But the scan showed no results. I executed the programme. That scan did not find out any Suspicious file.


            I made a scanned the file with virustotal.com and noted that the file is described as Artemis!F0F7EC03E6CD . So why is it not detected by my Mcafee Total Protection 2010 ?

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              If you just got Total Protection 2010, then I'll assume you're using VSE8.7.  Artemis protection can be turned on in ePO within 8.7 policies:

              On-Delivery Email Scan…Scan items…Heuristic network check for suspicious files…Sensitivity level

              On-Access Scanner…General Settings…General…Heuristic network check…Sensitivity level

              On-Demand Scan (Full Scan)…Performance…Heuristic network check…Sensitivity level

              Notice that the labels for the settings don't call it Artemis, but use the Heuristic Network Check label.


              There is no ePO setting for Artemis for VSE8.5.  Those installations would have to be managed by special Artemis superdats to manage the settings off/on and at which sensitivity level.


              McAfee recommended initial level is "Very Low"

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                Virustotal isn't always up to date, can you post up the scan results link please?





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