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    I cannot fully download VirusScan

      I have recently installed the McAfee Security Center.  I am on a slow dial-up internet connection.  I have attempted to download the VirusScan many times, but once I get back online, the VirusScan file drops back to about 3% downloaded.  I need some tips on how I can fully download the VirusScan program.  I've already completed the Personal Firewall and Security Center downloads.  Please help me.  Thank you very much.

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          Please open security center and let me know whether it states Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure ?

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            I am having the same problem as described above, on a dial-up connection.  VirusScan continuously attempts to download, but often falls back to 4% and starts over.  If I leave my connection idle, the download will go to about 43% (this takes several hours to get to this point) and then my connection times out.  Security Center states “Am I Protected – No” and that the detection signature file is between 8 and 29 days old.

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              Hello Romani09,

              The speed of your connection involves many different factors. Not only does it depend on the server into which you have dialed, but also on the speed of any computer from which you are receiving data. If the computer storing the web site you are visiting is slow or heavily loaded, then data transfer to your home PC will be slowed down accordingly. If you find that a site is extremely slow, try again at a less busy time or try deleting cookies, temporary internet files and try updating at at later time .




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                Is there no other way to download the needed file?  Another site linked to McAfee I can get the download from directly?  It would be nice if dial-up users could download the file in smaller parts rather than one extremely large file that kills the connection.