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    Easy Network

      Sorry, if this is maybe the wrong section, please forgive me. The search function didnt hep me, too. So here is my problem:

      I've installed Total Security Version 9. This package included "Easy  Network" and it works fine between 2 Laptops, where I've installed TotalProtection  immediately after purchase some weeks ago.

      Last week I've installed Total Protection on my 3rd PC and I've  discovered, now it is Version 10. But WITHOUT Easy Network. Easy Network was not offered by the download manager.

      Now my Questions

      a) What happens, if and when i upgrade the first 2 Laptops to version 10, will  EasyNetwork disappear?

      b) Can I download and install EasyNetwork seperately on my 3rd PC where version 10 is still running?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      My systems:
      Laptop 1: VistaHome, 4GB, 2,4GHz,
      Laptop 2: XPpro, 1GB, 1,? GHz
      PC 3: XPpro, 500MB,1,3 GHz

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          Don't know, why I've found that via Google, but not with the internal search function... i've learnd, "Easy Network" ist discontinued




          But my questions stay and should be answerabl, especially a)


          a) Will EasyNetwork disappear, when I update to Version 10 ?


          b) Is there a possibilty to download Easy Network separately?


          Thanks in advance again ...

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            Peter M

            Easy Network is discontinued altogether.  There is only McAfee Home Network Defense Protection now included in Total Protection.

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              Where is the information on this?  Easy Network was useful for sharing between my computers - I got a pop-up after the upgrade saying that something wasn't available for Windows 7, but I still have XP on this computer -- and the two computers with Vista are still running v.9 of the Security Center.  My dat version is 5963, I do have a couple of issues of programs hanging since the update (which happened today) -- and the computer seems bogged down slow.


              Where are we to find what to use to replace what was included before?  Couldn't we have been forwarned of a major change?

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                Peter M

                I don't know, sorry.  The Customer Service people might be able to steer you in the right directiion, but that's all we were told.


                There are a number of free network utilities out there..just Google.


                Unfortunately they never tell us why things are removed, or added for that matter.


                We just pass on the complaints and we have already done that with this one.



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                  I have a Home LAN with a laptop and a desktop runing XP SP3 and the main is a desktop running Vista SP2.


                  Up until the release of the 5858 DAT and a newer release of Internet Security I was relatively happy with McAfee (apart form the resources it seems to use - so I am told).


                  First thing I noticed on the Vista PC after the 'update' was that the McAfee icon in the tool bar had changed and I think the Easy Network icon in my 'Quick Start' Toolbar was missing.


                  Erring on the side of caution, I thought I had better update the 2 XP PC's, so I turned both of them on and waited for the update to arrive - big mistake as we all know now! Aside from the issues surrounding 5858 DAT, Easy Network had completely disappeared.


                  I thought when I saw 'Home network' in the features on the Home Page that a few keystrokes would sort out the misssing Easy Network issue. Not so!


                  I have had a number of conversations with Tech Spport about the capricious nature of Home Network and why it appears to be 'flakey' but no one can help -

                  Why is it even there?

                  Does it do anything more than Easy Network?

                  If it does, why couldn't it have been integrated with Easy Network?


                  Why did McAfee withdraw it without any prior warning to users who relied on it. Trying to set a Home Network up with Microsoft has defeated me, I am an average user, not Phd in computer science!!!!


                  It's not enough that I have probably wasted 2 days of my life trying to sort this mess out - I'm still not there!



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                    Peter M

                    I sympathize.  Home Network Defense is there basically as an FYI module as it describes itself therein.


                    I guess the powers that be decided that Windows has it's own network setup tools and the software wasn't really needed and it may have something to do with the software and the way it interacts with Microsoft products, but I am only guessing there.

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                      Thanks for your reply.


                      If you were a McAfee employee I would want to speak with your management about the 'cavalier' way in which McAfee have arbitrarily removed something that I and I am sure many others have found useful.


                      II am going to try and find who within McAfee I can talk to regarding ..........


                      (a) Getting Easy Network reinstalled or be

                      (b) to set up a replacement network - I assume that all the network names, PC ID's (not IP adds) will need to be changed.


                      Unfortunately there is nothing sensible out there (on google) that I can see that will take average users like me (rather than brain surgeons) thru the process in a simple step by step process. There is nothing in Vista - Network & Sharing Centre that tells me how to set up a Windows network - I guess it thinks there is already one there, McAfee's? I also have 2 XP PC's that used to network brilliantly with the Vista, but now all gone!


                      Windows leaves me cold!



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                        Peter M

                        I wish I knew the answers, sorry.  All I know is it will never return.  From Googling the issue I see McAfee's rationale was that Easy Network was considered unnecessary with Windows 7 File Sharing...which isn't very good for users of other operating systems.


                        Also from Google I see several hits for setting up file sharing in Vista, one is here: http://www.home-network-help.com/simple-file-sharing.html


                        As fas as redoing the network names I doubt that's necessary.

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                          Thanks again Peter - have had a go using the link you provided - not sure if I have done it right - I'll probably have to re-build the whole damn thing!

                          Why do they have to 'fix' something that isn't broken??????



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