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    TPS unable to activate

      My system status tells me my system is at risk because my  software is not up to date. . Please active to recieve updates and features. When I follow the instructions nothing happens. How do I activate the TPS software?


      WHen I go to register it asks for a registration key .. all I have are Grant #s

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          I will be very happy to be able to help you with this.


          Please let me know which Operating system you have on your computer and also, tell me what is the exact error that you are getting. I will then list out the steps that you can take to set it right.


          Alternatively, As you already have the Grant number, Please feel free to contact the McAfee Technical Support at 1 800 338 8754 Opt 4. This will be taken care of instantly.


          Thank you



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            Running Woindows 7 on all 4 computers


            The HP EX495 Running server 2003


            The warning mwessage show up on each machine:


            McAfee Total Protection Service

            your software in not uptodate. Please activate to recieve the latest updates.



            I cant activate it



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              Activating your software




              Activate your copy of Total Protection Service to continue receiving




              DAT file updates

              that protect against the latest threats. An activated copy checks for updates

              automatically at regular intervals and allows you to schedule scans. After activating a

              trial version, you will also have an option to purchase a full subscription that extends

              protection beyond the trial period.




              To activate your software: ( On the Server )














              In the Common Tasks area of the Total Protection Service console, select Activate Now.














              Follow the instructions in the Activation wizard to enter information that identifies

              your account.



              If that does not help and even the Windows 7 workstations can't update then :-




              Also, Are you able to log on to the McAfee Security Centre.( www.mcafeeasap.com ) ?



              Please log on to it and once you are on the dashboard, please clicck on MY ACCOUNT. Once you are there, you will see 4 different tabs. Go to the last one which says Accounst and keys. Once you click on it, You will see yoru Company key listed there. Copy that and paste it in the popup which asks you to enter your Registeration key.


              This should take care of the update issues.



              Revert to me with the findings please.






              Thank you





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                Was able to get thru to Tech Support, they had me  uninstall TPS from the server , then reinstall. That didnt work.


                I tried to follow your instructions .. but nothing happend when I click on the activate now link. The screen does not change.


                I uninstalled TPS from the server, and the four computers. Rebooted and then reinstalled in the server , then 1 by 1 on each machine. Still unable to activate the software.

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                  Which email did you use to register with the McAfee TPS ?




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                    I think that was part of the original problem ...


                      (4 lic)


                    (1 lic for server)


                    When I talked with TS they were both merged under


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                      I will get back to you very soon.




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                        Please log on to www.mcafeeasap.com


                        Let me know which email you used to log on to the site.


                        2} Click on the Computers tab and find out how many computers have you installed the software on and also check their current DAT status.


                        3} I belive the accounts have not been merged properly.


                        Please revert to me with the findings and we shall take care of this.



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                          I would like to thank you for all your help.


                          I click on the Computers tab and find out (4 computers) have the installed software on and all check correct with the current DAT updates.


                          The problem is I have to do this manually every day, my solution was .. Control Panel / uninstall all MaCafe products. Tomorrow I contact Customer service for a full refund.


                          Again thank you very much for trying to help. This is not your fault, and from what I'm seeing across the board, nobody has figuired this out, really should be this hard.


                          I muight add that McAfee needs to really look into the problems, if I wanted to be a IT I would get a job and get paid to do what I have to do eachj day to "maintain a family entertainment system"


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