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    Agent to ePO Communication Fail (NAT environment)

      I am having an issue getting a Windows 2003 server to talk back to the ePO.  When it was initially installed, the Framework package was created, copied to the machine, and it communicated back to the server.  Once the initial communication was setup, I was able to push down all the necessary modules.  All of a sudden, the agent stopped reporting in although all the necessary ports were open.  This server reports in with a NAT'd IP of  I have several other systems that report in with that IP but different hostnames and they work fine.  The problem is McAfee says it can't assist in configuring ePO to work in a NAT environment, but I know it does work.  Has anyone else had experience with this and can make some suggestions?  I have tried uninstalling the agent and reinstalling, and it even says connection to ePO was successfull and it uploaded X events, but I never see the machine report back in.  I was given these two articles to reference: