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    EEM migration best practices

      We are now planning to migrate our 5.1.2 to 5.2.3 infrastructure with about 1000 machines and i would like to get a few insights from you all.

      A couple of questions in particular i have are:


      *what is the best method to upgrade clients machines after the upgrade? by reset all to group configuration? or this will make too big impact? we have our clients to synchronize every hour.


      *how long old clients version can coexist after EEM has been upgraded? and what happens as soon as the disable access if not synchronized action kicks in while still having old client?


      *Encryption - just wanting to make sure that there is no need to re-encrypt hard drive after upgrading clients?


      *Language - it seems after i installed the upgrade when installing new machines the pre boot login is always showing by first intial in english, although i have only installed german language under the file groups(same for keyboard). I am able to change it manually after boot, but i want this behaviour to be default and not changed by the client manually. any tips here?


      *Add ability to specify exclusions for USB BIOS hand back - we have quite a few notebooks that needs this workaround. the thing is that we are not sure if all have the same bios version, and if new delivered notebooks will have the exactly the same bios version. is it possbile to impliment this solution for a range of notebooks for example ANY Acer or other vendors notebooks ONLY.

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          I assume that you do not have controlled groups.


          (1) I would reset a selected set of machines (let say a 100) to group properties, every day, to disperse load on servers.


          (2) Old clients should work as nothing changed.


          (3) No re-encryption would occur during client upgrade.


          (4) Manage languages via fileset setting scripts (remove and add different filesets). That could be also used for item (1).


          (5) You can do selective USB fixes if you know BIOS details. Certain sections in ini file will apply.

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            Thanks for the quick answer.


            (3) Can you maybe explain more about the usage of scripts to change language?


            (5) The thing is we want the whole notebooks from a certain vendor to work this way, that way when we have new versions of notebooks(ie new bios update) we dont have to create always a new installation set with the notebook's detail.

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              (3) sbadmcl  -command:SetMachineFileGroups


              (5) find out what is "static" in vendor BIOS information and use that for exclusion.



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