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    Deep Freeze with ePo 4.5

      We are using Epo v4.5 with the 4.5 agents. Some of our DeepFreeze machines simply do not communicate and get the sequence error in server.log. I am hesitant to turn off that checking for fear of someone accidentally doing some imaging with the agent and generating a slew of duplidate guids.


      I am not a deep freeze admin, and some of the our labs with deep freeze communicate properly. Maybe it has to do with how they thaw for updates, or whether they revert back? I know the one lab in question that got me looking into this had not communicated with epo in about a monht, and on every reboot the pc will revert back to some state several weeks earlier.


      Can someone give me some guidance on how to make deep freeze and the mcafee agent coexist and function and update properly? Thanks!

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          Hi Jeff,


          We too use Deep Freeze with ePO 4.5. I decided to blacklist our machines with dup guids one day, and wished I hadn't as they stopped updating and getting policies from the server just like you say.


          I came to the conclusion that having duplicate guids was better than not having machines protected and up to date, so I too have turned off error sequence checking


          (in this article:Corporate KnowledgeBase ID: KB65611) (its valid for 4.5)


          it now says:

          20100308141643    E    #3892    NAIMSRV     Agent LAB-M141-19 with GUID {6ABF3FN8-2009-40D1-6B7C-D46E8E0857C2} and IP and MAC 00XXXXXXXXXX has an invalid sequence number; expecting 3194 > 3200
          20100308141643    E    #3892    NAIMSRV     Accepting agent despite an invalid or duplicate sequence number
          20100308141643    I    #3892    NAIMSRV     Received [PropsVersion] from LAB-M141-19:{6ABF3FN8-2009-40D1-6B7C-D46E8E0857C2}


          As long as they can communicate, whether frozen or thawed, they will update.


          We thaw ours each night for a number of hours where they update with new dats into the image, but when frozen their sequence number will change so after a frozen reboot, it will revert back and unless you disable error sequence checking you are going to have machines not communicating.





          on 08/03/10 08:33:30 CST
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            Thank you for the information. I am really considering turning off sequence number checking now. What happens with duplicate guid again? Machines can simply overwrite logs of another machine on epo? They still get updates and communicate right?

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              As far as I can remember they don't all populate the directory at the same time- so they may appear and disappear depending on when the agents on the duplicated machines check in.


              Yes- they should get updates and polcies as they will not get blocked by the error checking.