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    Recent Download of McAfee and ActiveShield error message

      Hello, my computer was infected with a virus last week.  I was advised to do a complete recovery.  I did.  However, re-installing McAfee was a problem.  I did it several times and could not get it to protect my computer.  Contacted Tech Virtual Support Sunday.  Was informed that there was a glitch in McAfee system and to try again in 4 to 8 hours.  The next day I was able to get it to upload and show that it was protecting my computer.  However, upon opening the computer I receive the following error message:  Some components of ActiveShield are either missing or might not have been properly.  Please reinstall ActiveShield.  I reinstalled McAfee 7 times and still get the message.


      I did a virtual chat with tech support again yesterday.  The tech checked my computer, re-ran a complete scan, and advised me to restart the computer after the scan.  He wrote that ActiveShield should function after I re-booted.  It is not.  I still receive the error message everytime I log onto my computer.  Any suggestions for me would be appreciated.  Thank you.