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    Scanning of apple file info timing out and slowing server

      Hi All,


      We have a Win 2003 server and most of our shares are also shared via services for macintosh as we sometimes need to access drawing files from our very old Classic OS CAD package.  SFM adds the necessary info to allow the Mac's access the files.  Our server was restarted today and since then VSE (mcshield.exe) is hogging a lot of processor, looking at the OAS it seems to be this Mac info that is causing the problem as in the OAS the current file is constantly an filename.ext:AFP_AfpInfo.  Looking in the OAS log there are 30 or 40 entries like this:


      04/03/2010 15:07:44 Not scanned  (scan timed out)  NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM System D:\Projects\\project name\PROJECT DOCUMENTS\Folder\Filename.DOC:AFP_AfpInfo


      Looking back through the log that there were about 5 such entries over the past 3-4 years but 40-50 in the last few hours since the reboot.  I would make an exception and be done with it but it's not strictly a filetype so not sure how to go about it.


      Any ideas would be appreciated