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    Can't install SC10

      Hey Guys,



      Having a bit of trouble here installing security center 10. I just renewed my subscription (expired about 4/5 months ago) and grabbed the latest DMSetup. When I fire it up I'm stuck on a blank page which is apparently just looping the startup system check as I'm hit up with the endless click sound and flashing egg timer. Prior to running I uninstalled my previous version of security center and haven't used any other brand since. I'm running XP Home Edition and would dig some help to get beyond this infernal clicking noise!


      Thanks ^_^

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          Hi BtoFu,

          Sorry for the inconvenience caused , May I know whether the older versions were completely removed from the computer , if not run the removal tool mcpr and restart the computer .

          1.Open IE, click tools, click internet options
          2.From the advanced tab,click Reset
          3.Close all windows and re-open IE
          4.Run the mcpreinstall tool from
          here and try installing again.

          Kindly report back if any issues


          Dinesh K

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            This worked a treat! Thanks man.

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              I have the same problem, but this did not work for me.
              I am using Windows 7.

              Could you pls help?

              Every time I try to install I only get a white-blank screen.




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                Peter M

                Are you using a beta version of Internet Explorer? As that caused blank screens.   Even if it isn't your default browser, update it and Windows generally.


                What is your operating system and service pack anyway?


                Then go to IE Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset then Apply and OK.  OK any UAC prompts (Vista/Windows 7)


                Close and reopen the browser and retry.


                Also go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons after doing the above.

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                  thanks for your quick reply

                  sorry, i am not really good with computers, so you have to be patient:)


                  This is a new DELL laptop I bought 1 months ago, with windows 7 an internet explorer ( i dont know though if it is a beta version...), but I have downloaded firekfox and this is my default browser now.

                  The laptop came with Mcafee pack, but that expired yesterday.
                  I have uninstalled the old version and downloaded a free 12-month subscription through HSBC online banking.

                  I tried to install this, but it did not work.


                  any help would be much appreciated,




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                    Peter M

                    If it's Windows 7 then IE must be versioin 8 but it wouldn't do any harm to hit the Windows Update link in Start/All Programs and make sure that your machine is totally up to date.


                    Open Internet Explorer (if your machine is 64-bit do not open "Internet Explorer (64-bit)" - there are 2 versions in a 64-bit machine but that version of IE isn't used yet) and do the excercise I described above.


                    Temporarily set IE as your default browser.


                    Make sure any rival software is totally uninstalled.


                    Run first the MCPR removal tool from the Useful Links above.


                    Run preinstall tool from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe and try installing again.


                    If that fails I suggest you contact Technical Support Chat via the Useful Links at the top of this page.



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                      that worked perfectly

                      thank you very much:)

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                        Peter M

                        Good.  Glad that I could help.