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    Need Help!!! - EPO server configuration for down stream mode.



      I have requirement for reconfiguring the existing EPO 4.5 server into down stream mode due to some security reason. my current scenario is:

      I have 3 offices in 3 geographical areas(for Ex: siteA, siteB & siteC) and it is interconnected using VPN and presently i have 3 independent EPO servers are running there.

      My query are:

      1.  can I configure siteA as core server where all the updates/patches/dats should download and replicate to siteB & siteC EPO servers or siteB & SiteC EPO servers should               download all kind of updates from siteA EPO server instead of contacting McAfee server.

      2. If siteB/siteC epo server failed/down, those clients should directly contact siteA for updates.

      3. is it possible to push the updates from siteA server to siteB/siteC clients.

      4. is it possible to generate the reports of siteB/siteC from siteA server.


      please help me out regarding the above queries, which is possible and which is not possible. Or please give any other suggestions for implementing this model.


      Thank you.



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