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    HP Pavilion Entertainment and Media Center Laptops

      We are still unable to get a majority of new non-standard HP laptops to load the OS after encryption. Recovery partitions and SW have been completely removed and the problem still persists.


      Here's what we have:


      Combination of Phoenix and InsydeH20 BIOS

      Some do not have SATA or USB settings we can change



      Only installing 5.2.3 client files and theme



      Manually select which drives to encrypt

      Do not encrypt removable devices



      Do not display previous user name at logon

      Disable checking for autoboot

      Do not lock workstation if no user is authenticated

      Do not lock workstation if user is disabled


      Any thoughts on what else I could try?


      I saw someone mention that I should try update number of sides reported in the OS boot sector but from what I read its specifically for a compaq model