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    Safeboot technical paper?

      Hey Guys,

      We currently have EEPC v5 running on about 3,000 laptops.  Hoping to move to v6 soon since we're a BIG ePO shop here as well.  Anyway, I was hoping someone might have all the technical information on Safeboot and how it works exactly.  Such as it creating its own MBR and hiding/moving others, creating the SafebootFS.  Or essentially what was I looking for is a step-by-step process of what's happening to the system from the moment the EEPC connects to the EEM to get policy info and then what happens once the sytem has EEPC installed.  Does that make sense?  I'm the main admin for all McAfee products for my company and I'm trying to do some knowledge sharing with co-workers on how all our McAfee products work.  The problem is, I don't even have a full understanding of how it works...other than it does just work. 



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          Process is somewhat similar to EEPC 5.x. With exception of client software delivery and synchronisation (now ePO based).

          But read this forum for EE v6 related issues, before you comit yourself to production upgrade. There is no EEPC 5.x -> EE v6 migration tool yet, to start with.

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            Actually, I was hoping to get the information for v5.  I think I confused everyone by mentioning the fact that we're going to move to v6 soon.  Sorry 'bout that.  Anyway, I was looking for the technical process for v5.  Is there a technical white paper I could read or another forum I should read for documentation?

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              Administration guide for EEPC has some info there. But most you will find in "WinTech and SafeTech Administration Guide.pdf".

              Plus it is scattered all over EEPC forums...But I guess that is not the answer that you are looking for.

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                No, I've already looked through all the Safeboot documentation and got some stuff I need but not all of it.  What I'll do is reach out to my SAM with what I'm looking for and see if he can reach out to a Safeboot resource for additional information.  Thanks.  I have another question, but I'll post a new discussion.



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