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    Help needed to decrypt a disk...

      Hi every one,


      My work laptop has XPSP2 installed, and the disk encrypted with McAfee EEP 5.1.


      Recently, I had a system crash :  when I start my laptop, the login and password of EEP appears, I fill them and continue, but windows cant start because a file is missing or corrupt : \windows\system32\config. When I call our company's encryption support, they say there's nothing to do, they don't support such issues and I have to re-image the disk ! The problem is I have important work data on it and  I have no backup !


      When I take a look to McAfee web site, I found there's a way to recover my disk in the Corporate KnowledgeBase, ID : KB61117.


      So I download the BartPE builder to create BartPE CD, but it seems that I need :


           SafeBoot CD or SafeBoot installed to add plugins for WinTech - Is it free for download, if yes, where ?

           Daily Authorisation Code : I dont have the credentials to obtain the code !

           USB containing the machine configuration file (.SDB) : How could I create it ?


      That is, it looks simple...


      Is anyone able to help ?


      Thanks a lot !