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      I clicked on a link to a tiger woods story and somehow ended up with the fakealert-ma.gen trojan.  I tried running a stinger supplied by McAfee but have had no luck removing it.  When I called McAfee, they offered to assist with removal...for $89.00.  Now I have had McAfee for at least the last 5 years. This is the first Virus that I believe I have been zapped with.  My problem is, if McAfee can remove it for $89.00, why have they not put it into the update? Are they waiting until they get a boat load of money from those infected before giving it to their LOYAL CUSTOMERS?


      Not Sure what to do.

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          i also got infected by fakealert-ma.gen.  though mcafee detected it when scanning, it failed to remove it. had to go through a whole lot of process to remove the infection by using other anti-malware softwares which i downloaded free.  the infection seems to be removed as i stopped getting the fakealert pop ups which were very annoying and scared the hell out of me.  i had to reinstall mcafee since it stopped working due to the spyware attach. now on scanning it does not show any infection. i also ran the free online scan and nothing came up. but i am not really sure whether my comp is cured as i am not able to visit certain sites and cannot install windows update (can't open the windowsupdate site). on contacting mcafee they said use the virus removal service which is $ 89. i do not understand why i paid for mcafee when it could not protect my comp and on top of it pay extra for the service it was supposed to do in the first place.


          btw you could try doing the system restore to a earlier date.  this might help if you got fakealert-ma,.gen recently.

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            Thanks kaps,


            That was the same issue I had. McAfee acknowledged it but did not remove it. McAfee sent me a stinger program and the list included like 50 fakealerts it takes care of but -ma.gen was not one of them. I will also have to get a disk drive as I am using a Dell Mini.


            I also tried system restore and it would not allow it.


            What free download did you use and were did you download from?


            I am concerned with the existing issues you are having too.


            I would at least like to hear McAfee is addressing the problem but have not heard from them. I sent an email on Sunday with no response and get very limited info from them on there website.


            And to be honest...I am not all that computer savy so I don't like adding and removing software.


            Thanks again and any more help you can give me, I would appreciate.





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              hi jak,


              you should be very carefull with this trojen.  for me, along with this trojen i also got infected by rogue drguard which was a very nasty one to remove. hence i had to do the system restore which helped me remove the drguard but got stuck with fakealert.  i tried mcafee, spyware doctor, spybot etc. nothing worked on my comp.  the only thing which worked in the malwarebytes' anti-malware which i downloaded from www.malwarebytes.org.  btw i could not do it directly to my laptop since it blocks malwarebytes website among other things. i downloaded it using another comp and then installed it on to mine. i could not do the update which they recommend to do as i keep getting an error code 732(12007,0) which i am still trying to solve. anyway the bottom line is i ran this antimalware and it detected and removed number of infected objects from my comp.  i do not get any more irritating pop ups with scared the hell out of me.


              i myself not very good with computers so whatever i have done is only based on the information i received from numerous forums and by trial and error.


              i am still facing the problem with windows update. since i had done the system restore, my last update is on Feb 22nd and it fails to check any further update. i hope you do not land up in my situation with the websites blocked etc.


              all the best and i hope your comp is back to normal as i completely understand how frustrating it is for the people like us. i am continuing with my hunt to find a solution to my problems.



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                Hi jak,


                i solved the problems i was facing with all the security websites.  i hope you have solved your issue with fakealert trojen.


                in case you face the same problem as mine as to the blocked websites, i can tell you what i did, but pls note i am not an expert and did whatever i found on different forums.  you can use your discretion whether to follow them or not. fyi my problems were solved by malwarebytes' anti-malware which i mentioned in my earlier reply.  let me know if you what me to give you the details.





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                  Thanks Kaps,


                  I am going to check into the website you suggested. I will be heading out of town so I might have to let you know the results later next week.  I might have a friend who can take a look at it too. Just have to catch him on hte right day.


                  I think my next computer will be an apple.

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                    I think your issue would have been resolved with regard to the infection. Please update on the status as it could be usefull for ther users also.