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    McAfee seems to have quarantined an infected file from the OS


      While browsing the web, I was warned that a virus of the Artemis group may have infected my computer. I immediately scanned my computer and McAfee quarantined a file. Since then I cannot open any new programs from the desktop. Including  Internet explorer,MSWord, Task Manager and even the McAfee icon won't open the program. That is why I think the infected file is part of the operating system. So long as I keep a browser open, I can open mmore windows. If I open an attachment in word, word will open correctly. I can't even open my display controls to change my screensaver settings. I tried to search for files modified today and found that a file of the BUP type was modified today.


      I was online with McAfee (in India, I think) and when he took over my computer he was unable to offer a solution other that pay $89 for another team to go through my computer.


      Any ideas how to identify and restore the infected program so my comuter can work again.