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    Total Protection 2010 won't install

      The box says Windows 2000 with SP 4, 32 bit or higher, that's what I have.

      However when I try to install it I get a pop up box that says my version of Windows is out of date. Please refer to your product documentation for a list of supported versions.


      I have Windows 2000 Professional 32 bit, SP4.

      Anyone know why it won't install?

      Can't seem to get any help unless I pay $59 for phone base support. That's not going to happen!

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          While there are a couple of possibile causes, the most likely is that when you tried to install from the CD, you chose to download the latest version.  If this is the case, you simply need to elect to NOT get the latest updates downloaded and installed.  Once the McAfee product is installed, it will update itself as far as possible.


          The other causes include your Windows 2000 hasn't received the latest WindowsUpdates that were available for Windows 2000.  Or that SP4 didn't install correctly.


          Hope this helps.




          Also, a helpful suggestion - Windows 2000 isn't supported any more by the company who made it:


          Windows 2000 Service Pack 426-Jun-2003Not Applicable
          See Note
          Support ends either 12 or 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first. Visit the Lifecycle page to find the support timelines for your particular product.

          - http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifesupsps


          Windows 2000 Professional Edition3/31/20006/30/2005

          - http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/?LN=en-us&p1=3071&x=6&y=9



          This means that unless you've purchased a (very expensive) Extended Support corporate contract from Microsoft, they don't support your Windows 2000 any more.  At some point, you really should consider buying a newer operating system (or a new computer which will probably come with a newer operating system included).

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            Thanks for the help, it's installed.

            I didn't notice that it was not running the install from the CD.

            I tried it again and noticed the "install CD" and everything went smooth.

            The paper directions and the Readme directions don't match.

            Paper says Win2000 and up while the Readme text says XP and newer.


            So in a few months when I upgrade to Win 7 will I have any problems installing this same CD?

            I did see some info about just using the same registration #, is that all I will need to do?


            Anyways, thanks again for helping out.



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              Hi JimLev,


              I'm guessing when you say 'upgrade to Windows 7, you mean you'll have a new computer (Windows 7, while 'lighter' than Vista, will still have problems running on hardware that was bought in the Windows 2000 era).


              No, you shouldn't have problems installing from that CD.


              Another way to install is to just log into My Account on home.mcafee.com using the same credentials you supplied while registering this installation - you'll have the account already setup.  Just find the product, click the blue and white download arrow and proceed from there.  Which you do makes very little difference - after install or during install, the system will still go and download the newest version for you.


              Best wishes

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                I'll be installing Win 7 in the same computer that is now running Win 2000 Pro. (Intel D845PESV mother board with Intel Pentium4 2.53 gig chip and 1 gig of ram)

                I'm planning on installing it on a new hard drive so I can still have all my data on the original HD. Will probably add another gig of ram.

                After everything is up and running I'll copy all the data files over to the new HD.


                Thanks for the help,


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                  It's not the fastest machine on the planet (I just sold my P4 3.2, 2 GB on Asus P4P800SE that I built myself, and an HP dual 3.06 Xeon, 3 GB to friends - which leaves me with 2 Dell Quad cores and a 920 i7, 6 GB on a P6T Deluxe v2 that I also built myself), but the single core 2.53 should work with few problems other than speed.  Another GB of RAM will definitely help.. 


                  If you're interested, you can check the relative rating of your system by running the free scan on PCPitstop.com.


                  Best wishes.