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    DAT Update via ePO

      Yesterday I downloaded a trial version of McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint which I installed on Windows 2003 Server.  I followed the tutorial (for testing purpose) to setup different policies...etc.  Under System Tree>My Organization I created a subgroup called "Laptops" and added a laptop to test the the software. The only issue I am have with the testing so far is the update of DAT file.  On the laptop that DAT file date is for 10/6/2009....What I can do for the DAT file to update from the ePO? The client is getting policy updates because ePO shows and updated date in "Last Communication" column.






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          Your policies are probably setup where client gets the updates after a random wait.

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            It has been three days now and still no update the DAT file on the client machine.


            I have attached a copy of the Agent Monitor log.  Any idea which sections control the DAT update?


            Under Menu>System Tree>Assigned Policies I select VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0 as the Product but I don't see any DAT policy listed in Category. Under Client Tasks I see Update Clicnet Protection with the Schedule set for Daily (Configuration is set for All Packages, Schedule is set for daily, no end date, repeat between 10 AM and 1 PM, every 1 hour every day).

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              I see the following;


              "Unable to find a valid repository" and "Checking update packages from repository McAfeeHttp"


              Looks like its failing to find internal repositories so it falls back to Mcafee web dat repo.



              On that client I would check what sites it has - Virus Scan console > Tools > Edit repository list.  You should see atleast your main epO server and the Mcafee fail over site in there.

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                Client updates through ePO are defined by tasks, not policies.

                But before then you need to get the dats into the master repository,


                There's a bunch of very useful tutorial videos on the McAfee Service Portal website.



                Follow the link for 'Video Tuorials' selecting ePO 4.5 as your product of choice.