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    IM, Block Transfer files with DLP v3



      Recently we are working with McAfee Host DLP v3, and we need to block the transfer files with certain TAG through IM (Live Messenger, Yahoo!, etc..), but the rules doens`t work. Anybody has worked with this kind of rules ?

      Somebody could help us.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Are you using network protection rule and your network handlers are ON?


          IM rules will only work if the processes utilized for file transfer are the ones you are specifying in your application list while creating the rule!


          - AB

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            Hi Ciphent,



            Thanks for reply, yes im using a network protection and the network handlers are ON, but the DLP is not working, when the users sent documents with tags through IM, the DLP doesn´t work because it should stop it but doesn't.


            Do you have some example about it ???


            Thanks in advance, Regards.

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              I'm face this problems in HDLP 9.0. DLP can not block transfer files through IM. In DLP 9.0 McAfee improve alot function but seem just block IM transfer is not yet. Hope McAfee consider this problems in future!

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                I also have a problem with Network Communication Protection Rule (DLP9.0). I'm trying to monitor/block user from sending files via other than Internet Explorer browser. For IE I used Web Post protection Rule and it's working. Documentation is saying to use NCPR to monitor/block while sending files via another Internet browser (like FIREFOX, OPERA...)

                I'm trying and trying AND NOTHING is working properly with this rule I even create network range and port range for ALL but it doesn't work.

                PLEASE people HELP