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    McAfee Total Protection EndPoint vs. Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise



      Hopefully this posted will not be deleted....but I wanted to get inuputs from users here on both McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint and Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise.


      I noticed that Mcafee Total Protection for Endpoint has once central management for virus, antispyware, site advisor, host intrusion, groupshield for exchange...etc. While Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise has endpoint package with virus, spyware, application control, and NAC in one deployment, but for Exchange Security and Web Security separate downloads are needed.


      I am sure that the detection on both applications are similar, but as far as management and deployment not sure which one will be easier to use.


      So far I have downloaded the trial version of McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint and I am testing.  On 3/4 I am planning on attending a webcast for Symantec Protection Suite to learn more about it.


      I am looking for comments from users who have used either application and what are pros and cons they found or if they have switched from one product to another.


      Thanks in advance for your comments.


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          Have you seen Symantec's one-liner? "Who is protecting your network?" From my experience with their products, certainly not them :-) They have a very good marketing team, few good products. Consider this for their business integrity: we order entire security infrastructure from them. their high end firewall was discontinued even before we completed an year. These high end UTM firewalls will not even support 20 concurrent connections once we enable UTM features. Does not support snmp or syslog. They will not renew our license because we are government entity (they had no problem selling) and US will not allow them to "EXPORT" a product key (not something that can start a nuclear war) that can renew our license. Their host IDS product was discontinued and replaced by another even before we recieved the media. They wouldnt give us the new product because we have not yet activated the other product.Their antivirus product will stay in your system and claim everything is fine untill one morning you scan the same PC with another AV and find out the system was infected.


          This story is 2 year old.They may have changed. I can forgive but no way I forget.