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    Encrypted files - McAfee Data Backup = fail

      I started using McAfee through Comcast. I used the Data Backup so that in case my computer crashes, I could restore my files. My computer crashed and Comcast switched to Norton. I have a new PC running Windows 7 and because Comcast switched, I cannot download the program to my new PC so that I can restore the files. I was looking into buying McAfee services so that I can restore my files, but the only posts that I have encountered on that search are about McAfee discontinuing Data Backup and instead offer Online Storage. All this is of no use to me.


      I have my files staring me in the face. They are encrypted and compressed because McAfee told me this was safer. I can't seem to find anyone to help with this issue. I wish I would have never put my faith into McAfee to save my child's baby photos or my wedding pictures.


      So, if anyone knows a way around the encryption, I'd really appreciate a response. Like most individuals with a crashed cpu, I am broken. Thanks in advance.

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          While the application has been removed from the SecurityCenter you can install a stand-alone version. Please follow the steps in the
          document which will help you in retreiving the files which were completely backed up using the data back up feature.



          Dinesh K

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              I am in the same boat. I have loaded the standalone program and have gotten the exact same failure messages. First I was told I had to have a "new" XP machine to restore...which I finally came up with. Last night I was told by tech support that you cannot restore a new computer from the restore files of another. (Which I mention was not what the documentation claims.) I have made a new restore file with the standalone program and it works.


              I am tired of spending endless hours trying to make this work. Has anyone at McAfee tested this process? I have seen a lot of people with the same issue getting the same results. Can someone at McAfee please test this and verify we are not chasing our tails. I would be MORE than happy to let you use my machine as the guinea pig.