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    Can't Deploy EEPC v6 to Client



      I'm currently trialing McAfee Endpoint Encryption v6, but seem to have run into a slight problem - I can't seem to deply the software to a client machine.


      I've previously used SafeBoot Endpoint Encryption (v5.1), before it was brought by McAfee, and found it to be a wonderful piece of software, very easy to setup, use and manage. Now however, its seems to have become a lot more complicated.


      Firstly, am I right in thinking that Devices can now only be managed through ePO, rather than the previous SafeBoot Manager console? I notice the Devices & Policies tab is missing from the Endpoint Encryption manager screen.


      • I've downloaded, installed, and configured ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 as per the document eepc_600_product_guide_en-us.pdf.
      • I've added EEADMIN.zip & EEPC.ZIP extensions
      • I've checked in the MfeEEPC.ZIP package
      • Registered Active Directory & Tested the connection
      • Configured Windows Authentication
      • Configured Automated LDAP Synchronization & let it run as per the schedule
      • Installed the ePOHelpeX 2 extension


      However, now it comes to deploying the clients, but when I go to Menu | Systems | System Tree, there are no systems listed under My Organization.


      How do I deploy clients? I assume I have to install the ePO agent on clients first. How is this done, via Group Policy Software Installations, or can it be pushed out from ePO itself? If its via GP Software installs, where are the MSI files located? I can't find them anywhere on the ePO server or in the extracted ePO download. If its via the ePO console itself, how is this done? The documentation that comes with ePO 4.5 is just a readme.html file, that seems to only contain known install & upgrade issues.


      Any help would be much appreciated