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    McAfee let me down

      Two nights ago, a virus "came in" and it was BAD.  It called itself "Security Tool" and basically took over, claiming I had worms, viruses, corrupted files etc and requesting I select "fix".  It looked very much like McAfee graphics and tools.  Anyway, my McAfee "security center" was up-to-date and supposedly scanning.  Eventually I had to call Dell and pay (through the nose) to get them to remotely fix the problem.  It appeared again the next night.  Again, McAfee was supposedly current and on and updated.  Not a peep.  Dell again fixed it and told me to buy Norton 360 for future use.  I "chatted" online with McAfee "help" who told me that Dell recommended McAfee (two different Dell techs recommended I buy Norton 360), they told me "nothing is 100%," (as in "oh well suck it up") and they showed me a link to report a virus.  I asked them how to report it and rather than answer, they signed out.  Just thought people out there may want to know.

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          Interesting what you said about dell especially as they support Mcafee as the front line product. Do you remember the tech's names or the phone number you called? Not trying to get any1 into hot water but this has rung some bells that needs unringing. PM me anything you can pass on if you wish to.


          Remember not all Scanners pickup 100% of viruses there is always a lag time between release and detection. See if you can get a copy of the files and submit them to Mcafee



          Note MWB is only a malware scanner and does not detect viruses so is used only as an adjunct to a proper virus scanner.

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            Kiwi: Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm following all that I know how to do.  I've run both "Antimalware" and "SUPERantispyware" and will do so when I sign off for the night as well.  I had a lot of updates from Windows that I have been ignoring.  Now they are "in."  I don't know how to find any updates for the other programs you mentioned - as a matter of fact I'm not sure that I have all of the programs mentioned!!  I guess by now you're picking up on the fact that I'm pretty techno-ignorant.

            Peacekeeper:  Thanks also for you posting.  I didn't write the names of the two technicians that I spoke with, sorry.  I do know that I paid $99 and a copy is on the way!?!!  I am aware that Dell is/was pro-McAfee because that's why I have McAfee - it came with the computer!  I would be needing to update it in a month or two anyway, that's what helped me decide to order the Norton 360 (that and the fact that not one but two technicians recommended it).

            By the way, I DID ensure that my McAfee was always updated.


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              I'm afraid you are not the only one let down by McAfee.  I was one of those poor sods that received their dat file mix up.  I got it fixed about 4 days after, via their Virtual Technician.  About a week after this I received an E-Mail telling me that I had been recognised as a recipient of their atrocious mistake and that I would receive a two year free extention of their service.  A few days later I got a written letter from their Executive Vice President Mr Barry McPherson, Informing of the following.


              "We value our loyal customers and are extending your current subscription to McAfee by two years at no charge.  You will see this extention in the "My Accounts" section of the McAfee web site within the next thirty days".


              Sounds fair at this point but after the thirty days nothing showed in the "MY Accounts" section.  I complained by E-Mail and was told this was being taken care of.  More days passed, I complained again and this time was told that I had to send a copy of the E-Mail sent to me explaining that I was entitled to the extension.  I did this.  A couple more days went by then I got an e-mail from McAfee telling me that I needed A Telephone talk with one of their supervisors and to supply my contact details.  Once again I did this and today I had a call from one of their useless supervisors.  She then told me that I had to reply to an e-mail she would send me inserting a copy of the letter from Mr McPherson to prove I was a genuine recipient of their two year offer.  I told this supervisor that they should not need such proof as they already have plenty of details about me.  This has gone on for weeks now and all I can say is that Mr McPherson's word is not worth the paper it is written on.  If he thinks that the useless minions below him are keeping good his word, then he is mistaken.  All they are doing is making him out a liar.


              And finally their useless supervisor didn't send me the e-mail to reply to after our conversation.  If this is typical of how McAfee treat their supposed valued customers then I for one shall be seeking a company to supply my Internet security needs, with a lot more integrity that McAfee have shown up to now.


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                Extension should be in a week or so I have pointed one of the managers Tracy R (tromine) to your post.



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                  Tracy Romine

                  Jin / Tom...


                  Just letting you know I've taken a look at the thread.  Yes, the license extensions should be coming through shortly.


                  Tom - I see you were speaking with our Tech, Vanessa.  Did you get what you needed, short of the email response?  What can I track down for you now?


                  Jin - Both MalwareBytes and Superantispyware are good programs.  However, McAfee has a utility called 'Stinger' that can also help in situations like yours.  If you're still having problems, go here:  http://vil.nai.com/vil/averttools.aspx and then download the 'Fake Alert' stinger.  What you got is in the FakeAlert family of malware.  It looks like a helpful tool that is identifying malware, but it tricks you into installing a bunch of it.  This is one of the most prevalent types of malware right now, with more than 10 million different variants.  McAfee is making big strides in combatting this type of bug.  We are already among the very best at stopping FakeAlert, and within the next month or so, McAfee Labs believes we'll have this one licked.  Til then, if you're infected the tools we referenced above are a good start.  But if you're still stuck, our experts can help.  www.mcafee.com/virusremoval.

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                    Tracy just to let you and the posters know Ex_brit Samamtha the Security gal and I made up this document for users who think they are infected.If it does not work the other two free tools mentioned above are a good next step.

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                      Also you should ALWAYS install updates that are from your computer provider such as microsoft or mac becuase those can come with important security updates for your computer. i know alot of people who dont care about there updates and always say they will "do it later" but then they never do and there computer gets run down and there programs stop working and then there computer finally quits and they say 'well dell sucks". So thats just an egzample but remember Always install updates, and stick with newer vista or xp not the evil 7