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    Cannot scan after a successful installation

      Hi - After dealing with a previous infection, the mcafee programs would not start.  After uninstalling, everything appears OK: the online free scanner found no problems on the C drive.  After reinstalling, everything appears OK: real time protection is enabled; Updates were installed; the Virtual technician found no problems.  BUT every time I try to run a quick or complete scan, it immediately returns with an unknown error!  The mcafee also eventually reports that there is a risk because real time scanning is disabled.


      Thanks - Barney

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          Just to let you know that I had this problem along with not being able to enable real-time scanning (I have a reply on another thread).  I did another "check for updates" by right-clicking the icon in the system tray and did the download and install.  After rebooting the computer it seemed to work.  I am using Total Protection 2010 on a Vista machine.  Good luck

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            Hi - I continue to have the problem when the system is fully updated.

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              These problems seem to be caused from invalid registry entries left over from the old version of Mcafee that you are no longer using.  I don’t know why software companies can’t seem to clean up their trash left in the registry.  Try the following to take care of your issues:

              1.      Uninstall McAfee from you computer. 

              2.      Type regedit in the search program and files box from the start menu (Windows 7).  The box at the bottom of the start menu for all other versions.

              3.      Once in the registry you need to back it up. Click file then export.  Save this to a file name and location where you can find it if you need to import it back later.

              4.      Click edit, find – then type McAfee and search. 

              5.      Delete every McAfee entry that it will allow you to delete.  Once you delete the first entry, click edit, find next to continue finding other entries.  When you are complete, you might wish to go back through the registry again to ensure you didn’t miss anything.  There are some entries that can’t be deleted. Don’t worry, regedit edit will tell you which entries those are, just leave them alone, they won’t cause problems.

              6.      When complete deleting McAfee entries from the registry, close the regedit window.

              7.      Now install your new version of MaAfee.

              8.      After installation, all your problems from your earlier install should be cleared up.