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    Am I Protected - No, Detection signature is more than 30 days old, some components are missing, reinstall VirusScan

      I am getting the message that I am not protected.  Clicking FIX is not working.  I have 2 bullets:  1) The detection signature file is more than 30 days old.  Fixing your protection items...  2) Some components are missing.  Please reinstall McAfee VirusScan,


      I purchased this computer used.  Came straight home and downloaded McAfee (I already had on my laptop so just added a license).  I have downloaded/reinstalled 3 times.  I have run the malawarebytes' Anit-Malware and it found 2 items and I removed them.  Then restarted.  I also did the patch that I saw on another post.  So far, nothing is working!  Please help!