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    Can't download mcafee software

      I have read and followed the steps in what to do before downloading the mcafee software.

      However when I follow the download instructions, nothing happens after I hit run on the DMSetup.exe.


      Pop up blocker is off, all mcafee software has been removed from my puter.

      Not sure what else to do from here.

      This was a renewal subscription. Any advice?



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          1.- What is your OS?

          2.- Do you have another AV, Antimalware solution installed?

          3.- Did you fully uninstall McAfee and reboot before you tried to install it using DMSetup?





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            OP is Windows XP

            No other antivrus/malware software on the computer. I uninstalled all of it in the add/remove programs.

            Computer has been restarted several times after checking again in the add/remove programs.

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              Try the following:


              1.- Download both files I'm attaching to this message.

              2.- Run McAfee Product Removal and let it finish the process and hit OK when you are asked to reboot.

              3.- Run McAfee PreInstall Tool to delete all your temp files, cookies, etc.

              4.- Finally, try to download again your product directly from your account.


              Tell me if you need further support.





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                Having the same problems. Ran the two files you suggested with exactly the same results.... Other options?

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                  check if you are able to access Task Manager and Windows update if Yes then


                  Try this steps and let us know the status

                  1)reset ie

                  close all webpages

                  type inetcpl.cpl in the start >>run and press ok

                  click delete in general tab

                  click reset in advanced tab


                  2)run ieregfix.bat click here


                  3)mcpreinstall tool clickhere


                  4)restart your computer


                  5)download a fresh DMsetup using Internet Explorer and run it.


                  If you are not able to access Task Manager and Windows update then it is infection that is causing the issue.

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                    followed steps in the email from Narc that didn't work

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                      Did this too. Didn't work either.

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                        I may be having similar problem with Inspiron Mini 10 running Windows XP home.

                        Was using pre-installed McAfee security program.  Having problems, so I attempted install of Total Protection Service, as I have multi-PC subscription.  Here is history:


                        1.      Had problem with pre-installed McAfee.  Not updating and appeared to be inhibiting wireless access.

                        2.      Downloaded and ran McAfee Virtual Technician.  Indicated register problems and fixed.

                        3.      Problems continued.  Ran MVT again, several times, each time indicating registry problems.

                        4.      Decided to remove existing McAfee and install McAfee Total Protection Service via download with existing 3-PC subscription.

                        5.      Removed old program using Windows program removal tool.

                        6.      Download would not complete as indicated conflicting program (virus scan).

                        7.      Downloaded and ran McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool, Virus cleanup program; still not same message after several attempts.

                        8.      Contacted McAfee support and was provided “fix.bat” file to run.

                        9.      Ran fix.bat.  That eliminated conflicting program and download and install appeared to be successful.

                        10.  However, on re-boot, PC would stall at Windows XP logo with bar and moving blue squares screen before log-in screen.

                        11.  Powered off PC and restarted; Blue screen indicating improper Windows shut down appeared with options to start normally, start in safe mode or start with last good settings.

                        12.  Would not reboot normally (same as 10).

                        13.  Rebooted with last good settings.  Virus program screens appear normal, but was not functional.  Ran MVT and showed many registry problems and missing “services” and files.

                        14.  Removed program as above and repeated at least 4 times.  Same result each time.

                        15.  Contacted McAfee support.  After two very long sessions, McAfee said hard drive had problems per CHKDSK report; told to contact hardware vendor.

                        16.  Ran CHKDSK with /F switch on drive C through Windows.

                        17.  Contacted Dell.  Long session.  With Dell interactive support, ran diagnostics and completely reinstalled OS; Dell said drive and OS OK.  Dell then "recommended" TPS or McAfee "Virus Scan Plus"

                        18.  Attempted re-install of McAfee TPS.  Same result as above.

                        19.  Compeletely removed and attempted re-install with same results as above.

                        20.  Took unit to my local PC tech.  They replicated problem the removed TPS.  Their opinion was the TPS was "too much".  Said PC and drive OK. 

                        21.  Attempted install of "Virus Scan Plus"; same result - install appears good but PC will hang at Windows XP page before log in.

                        22.  Have now installed Microsoft Security Essentials.

                        23.  What gives, McAfee???

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                          This seems to be Image hijack, you can try the below solution.


                          Click on Start-Run- regedit and click on Ok.

                          Back-up the registry.

                          Go to HKLM->Software->Microsoft->Windows NT->Current Version->

                          Delete the Image File execution option


                          Try to install the McAfee product.

                          Note: I have attached a screen shot for the same.


                          Let me know if you have any questions on this.





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