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    McAfee Product Deployment Tool

      Hi Guys,


      • Is there a way out for deploying McAfee products except for creating a Scheduled Task through EPO.


              Problems - 1. Clients will not be available at that point of time.

                               2. Windows firewall may be on due to which deployment task fails.



      • I'm facing this issue whenever I have to deploy McAfee products on a larger network (1000 clients). Since i have to wait for the tasks to be executed


             -> For example, I had to implement TOPS Advanced in one of our client environment with the following products McAfee Agent, AV 8.7i, ASW 8.7i, HIPS, NAC Client and Site Advisor.

             -> Since I was not well versed with HIPS, NAC and Site Advisor what I did was deployed McAfee Agent, AV 8.7i, ASW 8.7i on 1000 machines in the first stage, then HIPS in second stage and now it's time for NAC and SAE.


      • Is there a deployment tool or some other procedure through which I can deploy the McAfee Products (For Eg : Agent, AV 8.7i, ASW 8.7i etc.)


      • Hoping for a magical soloutions from your side