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    Real-Time Scanning is OFF

      my system runs on windows vista 64 bits. i got a ToTal Proteccion , but real-time scanning is OFF.

      I can't fix it. how can fix this?

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          Please open up the Taskmanager.exe


          Under the processes tab, Check if mcshield.exe is active. If you do not see any process by that name , You would have to re install the software. Sometimes during the install, The installation files get corrupted and the software malfunctions as a result.


          If you see that the mcshield.exe process is active, Then check if the Virus and Spyware component is set to disabled under the Action centre, ToPS Console. Then you would have to tun it on and check if this solves the issue.


          The ultimate way to get everything right is to make sure that the internet connectivity is perennial and re installing the software. This takes care of the issue 95% of the time !!!

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            Any update here ?


            Did you try to get the software to work ?

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              Please do not hesitate to let us know the status of your issue.


              Many thanks

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                I got your PM and also a new thread thanking me for the help.


                I request you to kindly close this thread as Answered and please mark my Answer as the Correct answer if that helped you solve the issue so that others can follow it as a ready reference.



                Thank you