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    Real-Time Scanning will not start

      I have a brand new laptop running Windows 7. I removed the trial version of Norton AntiVirus and then downloaded McAfee Total Protection & installed it. Installed with no problems but the real-time scanner will not turn on. All other pieces of protection are running. I went to the McAfee help section on the web site and did all 5 trouble-shooting resolutions and nothing has worked. I'm at a loss for what to do next to fix this problem. Whenever I open McAfee it shows 'your computer is at risk'. I go to real-time scanner and click the 'turn on' button but it's not turning it on. Help please! Thanks!

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          I have the same problem. It's ******* frustrating how I've paid 60 dollars for this, too. The whole "Total Protection 2010" is the most user-unfriendly piece of **** I have ever paid for in my life. I guarantee you I'm not going to be a future customer of McAfee.


          Oh, and all the customer support/help things they throw at you are to be described with one word: ****. Comprehensive information? Step-by-step guidance? Yeah, and I'm ******* Obama. You know what it says about "Fixing protection problems"?


          "Your McAfee software reports critical protection problems as soon as it detects them. When a critical protection problem is detected, a notification is displayed in the protection status area on the McAfee. Critical protection problems are directly related to the critical protection features: Real-Time Scanning, Updates, Personal Firewall, And Subscription. If a critical protection problem occurs, it compromises your PC's security and changes the protection status to "at risk" until you fix the problem."


          Well. Good ******* job, McAfee. Thanks you giving us really comprehensive information about why your piece of crap product that WE PAID FOR ISN'T WORKING. Thanks, also, for giving us step-by-step intructions, or maybe a link to a troubleshoot, to help us FIX THIS ******* ISSUE. First day customer, and I am just so impressed.


          And by the way, I had to copy that above quote word-for-word, seeing as your OF doesn't allow copy/paste. Love it.



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            Same here, it seems like an online installer problem..


            please help

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              having the same issue here as well. Also when i try to download updates I get 'McAfee cannot update your software. Please check internet connection ( internet is working). Any fix for this?



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                I hope so. McAfee better hope so too. Otherwise I'll have to go through all the work of returning this crap product (assuming I can; I don't trust **** from McAfee anymore), and then the hassle of going out and buying Norton 2010 instead.

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                  Same problem with online download for Windows 7. Scan won't start, none of the troubleshooting helps...

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                    And also, I shall mention that nothing on the McAfee website is helpful. All they do is try and sell stuff. And give us a bunch of semantic-laiden ********* in order to try and sell stuff. God. I am so ****** right now. 60 bucks and 8 hours of my life put into troubleshooting down the drain.

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                      I've been waiting for probably 45 minutes for the online chat support... never had to wait that long ever before for chat support. It said 9 minute wait - even that long is crazy.

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                        I get the same error - and then I click update - and it downloads the software just fine (you can see the % increasing to 100) then it gives the same error about not up to date, and scanning won't enable, check for internet connection problem, etc.

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                          I have been having the same problem that the real-time scanning is disabled and will not start.  I also used the Mcafee virtual technician and it found nothing.  I also did a scan of my hard-drive using the Freescan software that McAfee will provide free of charge.  Of course if it finds something, there is a heft price to fix the detected problem.  The freescan also found no detected viruses.  Now i am looking on the forum.  If someone knows how to fix this, that would be great!!

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