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    Easy Networking Query??

      I have just purchased some new PC's that I want to connect up only once or twice wirelessly. I need to transfer files between them. I notice that one of the machines has McAfee Easy Network installed, so wondered if i could connect them using that. Trouble is I cannot find where to download it from to get it on the other machines. Does anyone know where i can get it,or can anyone suggest an easy method for connecting these PC's together wirelessly. Some machines are running XP and the others are Windows 7. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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          Do you have McAfee in all new PC? Easy Networking is a part of McAfee product package. If you want to use it, then all you have to do is install McAfee product.  Can you please clarify how you are connecting the computer in network? all PC in wireless or Some through hard wired..

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            I have McAfee Security on all my computers. I have one which is running McAfee Security Center which has the Easy Network already installed on it, and I have McAfee Total Protection installed on the other nachines, but they don't have the Easy Network installed. Also, I have tried to browse the McAfee website to see where I can download it from, and cannot seem to find it even!!


            In terms of how the computers are connected, most of them are connected wirelessly to the router, but there is the one machine, which has the Security Center on it which is hard-wired to the router.


            Hope this helps!


            Many Thanks

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              Hi cushdy,

              According to me, the total protection should consist of easy network and not security center as that product is not included in that package. Please try to install Mcafee total protection in any of the computer and check whether you get the easy network option installed to it.


              Dinesh K