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    Mcafee and Sky Broadband Activation Problem

      I got the mcafee internet security with my Sky Broadband package, installed it with no problems on to my laptop and activated it. I then tried to install and activate it on my desktop system but it just keeps sending me to the sky broadband activation page for mcafee and then states that I need to be a sky broadband subscriber.


      How can I activate the security centre on my desktop?


      One other thing, the mcafee on my laptop keeps turning itself off and then requires me to switch it back on. I've tried the virtual technician but it can't find any mcafee products on my system?


      Please can somebody help????

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          I've moved your post to the SecurityCenter area. Hopefully someone can help you soon!

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            Hi Raaydaar,

            Can you provide the exact error message you receive at the time of activation, so that we could proceed accordingly.
            Also provide certain information pertaining to ;

            The computer's operating system - (Win xp/vista/7)

            What type of internet connection - (dsl/cable/wireless)





            Dinesh K

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              When I try to activate it I'm redirected back to the sky security centre. I log in using my master user name and password and the system then tells me that I need to be a sky broadband subscriber to have the service.


              I assumed this was a problem at the sky end, but they say that it is mcafee that is redirecting me back to their p[age for my log in details, I've spoken to mcafee tech but they are as useful as a chocolate teapot!! started by telling me to turn my computer off and then on, just what they do when they have no idea!! I'm extremely frustrated with this at the moment and quite frankly mcafee are not doing themselves any favours by providing a product which won't work!!


              OS is Vista Home Premium

              Connection is a wireless DSL broadband connection



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                Hi RAAYDAAR,

                Sorry for the inconvenience in activating  your subscription, and If you have contacted Tech support previously ,I would suggest, for subscripton related  issues to contact mcafee customer service from here and they will provide you information on activation for sky broadband programs


                Dinesh K