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      I'm a first poster on this site, so forgive me if I have placed my question in the incorrect category. Last Friday I decided to purchase anti virus software as I did not have any active software on my PC. I've run AOL since 2006 and never took advantage of the McAfee offer, so decided to give that a go. Having purchased it online, I could not get it to load automatically - my system kept freezing (no error messages). In the end I contacted a McAfee technician, who after 3 hours discovered that the unused version of McAfee offered with my 2006 AOL package (but never taken out) was blocking the installation of the 2010 software. The technician removed the old software and eventually loaded the new McAfee anti virus software.

      Since it has been loaded, my AOL takes an age to open, let alone load - 5 minutes to open and about the same to load, when I had no problems before. I'm running out of patience with it. I just sit there watching the screen - I've even taken to reading a book while I wait for it to load!

      I'm running Windows XP and I've checked my sytem requirements (as much as I can as I'm no techie) and I seem to have more than enough to run both these programmes. Does anyone have any idea what may be slowing my AOL down?

      Thanks in anticipation!