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    updates keep restarting without saving progress

      2 month old problem. I was hit with a malware virus around Late Dec or Jan. I finally got a friend to download malwarebytes to get rid of it. I have a slow dial up connection. I have used tec help but I have not been able to get the downloader to save progress of virus defs. I did manage to get the other smaller up dates to work. vetec doesn't see any products on my system. chat is being blocked by some security inherint in my system. E-machines 3.3 gh I suspect malwarebytes deleted something form my system that was infected and was needed to work with the updater.I am getting verry close to reinstalling the orig software for a fix. I hate to do this because the disk warns of erases all data from my system that means reinstalling all windows updates and lost information stored here. Anny sugestions?

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          Sorry for the delayed response, Can you confirm if the issues still persist. If yes, then please clarify Did you made any recent changes to the system (Computer)? What is the version of OS you are running with?

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            Hi and thanks for the reply. OK  I still have the problem .I don't remember maknig any changes to my system. I am running

            XP Home Edition. I remember this showed up while I was reading some e mail from a friend.. I had added an anchor to the mail so I could scroll through

            the page when it hit. It poped up and told me I had a virus and invited me to go to some web page to take care of it.Naturaly I declined. but the damage had been done. It infected my exe files that i tried to run. I used a disc that a friend supplyed me and ran it befor the virus was fully loaded on start up.
            That got rid of the virus. I then used restore  and tried to update MC antivirus. Now I'm stuck.