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    McAfee getting turned off

      I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I have MacAfee security Center, Virus scan, Personal Firewall, Site Advisor, Anti Spam, Parnetal Controls and Easy network. Am running windows 7 and all updates are current for all software mentioned.


      My problem is sometimes (at least once a day) McAfee warns me that there is a problem. When I check into it I find that McAfee is totally shut down as far as what it is checking (anit virus, email, spyware). I tell it to fix the problem and it does. The issue is that I don't know when it shuts down and during that time I supect my computer is vunerable to attacks. Anybody have any idea as to why it is turning itself off???.


      I have run scans several times and it turns up nothing. Also downloaded and ran Microsoft Malicious software scan and ran that with no red flags.




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          I've moved this to the Home general discussion area. Hopefully someone can help you soon!

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            Hi mike,

            The reason for your security center turning off frequently could be due to several reason like

            * Conflict with a different security software

            * Incomplete updates
            * Malware infections


            Can you please provide the following information so that we could help you better.

            What is the operating system of the computer ?

            How old is the computer ?

            Do you have any other security software in the computer ?

            Please post the error message underneath the FIX button the next time it appears (capture the error message before clicking FIX)





            Dinesh K

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              Different Mike here.


              Ive been having the same issue on and off for a week or so.


              Security Center V 9.15 (Build 9.15.175 - Last Update 2/17/2010).


              I do not believe I have been notified of virus activity in the recent past, I'm running MS Vista Ultimate (all updates on). I also have Wondows Defender running (also auto update). It seems the weekly scans are fine, and scans done after the "Fix" are all clean.


              I am running Windows Home Server on my home network, and the virus scanner on the WHS is not detecting issues with the backups.


              MVT seems to be blocked out by my firewall settings so it is of no use (and there is no info on how to get it "happy")


              Can you help?