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    PC freezes up during virus scan

      Good evening everyone, new to the community. My PC freezes up during a virus scan. Could I have a Virus?

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          I've moved your post to the Home general discussion area. Can you provide any more specific information about what is happening?


          Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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            After a whole day and a half finally got to run a complete windows scan in the safe mode. I have a Trojan clickerASX/wimad.gen!H. My Dear Sweet Son(haha) got it from limewire? Microsoft is scaning computer now. Hopefully they will be able to remove it. Any helpful advice will be much appreciated. Will keep you updated. Thanks



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              Sorry to hear that you're infected. Somehow, "don't click stuff" just doesn't sink in with the kiddos, does it.


              I've moved your post yet again to the Malware discussion area for home users. Hopefully someone with trojan expertise can help you soon.

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                If you are still having trouble with this issue please run a scan with our stinger tool - additionally you can set it to uber-paranoid by going to 'user preferences' and changing the heuristic network check setting to 'very high' - but if you do this please make sure you also set the radio button for 'on virus detection' to 'report only' - then once the scan is complete please post the scan log here for us to take a look and advise further. For more information on Stinger please see this article:

                What is Stinger and how does it work?


                If you would be more comfortable letting an expert do the job, McAfee offers premium virus removal service through chat and by phone, for a nominal fee. With the McAfee Virus Removal Service, our security experts will root out the infection, giving your computer a clean bill of health and restoring your peace of mind. Our virus experts know where malware hides. Using McAfee remote technology, the Virus Removal specialist can take control of your computer and perform the cleaning while you watch. For more information, please see our Specialized Services homepage


                I hope this helps,