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    EEPC v6 logon and tokens



      I'm testing EEPC v6. If I disable the autoboot option when login and introduce the user and password manually, I get an error about the token, I believe that the error is
      "EE0F0001: Token authentication parameters are incorrect" but I'm not sure.

      It's mandatory to have a compatible token to autenticate?

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          That token is a password. Most likely. Did you try to use default EEPC password in user policy, that you have setup while configuring ePO/EE?

          Most likely it is '12345'.


          Default passwordChange default password- The default password is 12345, if the user changes the default password, then the newly set password will be the default password for that user.

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            Thanks for your answer peter.


            Well, my config is


            Disable autoboot

            Enable SSO

            Enable Add Local Users

            Enable Syncronize windows password (don't remeber exactly the words but I hope you understand me)

            On tokens: only password option is selected



            I don't understand, what is the user for this default password? This password is useful for all users?


            Sorry for my ignorance, but without it i'll not being writing here...

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              What was the user logged in when you installed EE? That is the user. Did you try 12345 password?

              In ePO server task for "EE LDAP Server User/Group Synchronization" what "User Name" attribute do you have selected?

              That is the EE user name being used for AD user.

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                Thanks a lot Peter, the the default password runs for all added users to this computer