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    Help a n00b configure their backup - please

      I  have just bought an external HDD and need help configuring mcafee to a) do a full backup to it and b) thereafter backup any changes


      Can someone please take pity on a Luddite and help with words of one syllable?



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          Please follow the below steps to select bak sets using the Mcafee online back up

          1. Right-click the Online Backup icon in your taskbar and select Configure.
          2. Click the Backup Sets tab.
          3. Select the check box beside the set you want to back up.
          4. Select the name of the set to view a list of files in the right pane.
          5. Deselect the check box beside any unwanted files in the file list.

          NOTE: If you exceed your space allotment (as shown in the Quota used bar), you can either click Increase Quota to launch the Online Backup Client online site and request increased backup space, or deselect files until you are within your quota. After you have finished configuring your backups, click Save .

          You can at anytime see the list of all pre-configured backup sets




          Dinesh K