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    ePO 4.5 Failover Scenario


      I've been mulling over a couple of ideas about a failover solution but want to keep it fairly simple for the following reasons:


      Site A will contain the main ePO server and service all the Site A clients


      Site B is the failover site, will have it's own ePO server and will contain a mixture of live clients and then clients that get restored from Site A if Site A fails.


      I use Agent Handlers in Site A


      If Site A fails, we switch to Site B for working and where necessary servers are restored from Site A backup to site B spare physical/virtual hardware


      My main concern is the ability to ensure clients receive DAT updates, I'm not overly worried about policy updates etc.


      So what I'm thinking is:


      A) Import agent/server keys from Site A ePO server to Site B ePO server, have a policy share task set up. - Does this allow temporary migrated Site A clients to update from Site B ePO server?


      B) Site A uses Site B ePO server as the fallback repository. Site B ePO server uses Site A ePO server as it's source to keep up to date (whilst both sites are live). When Site A is lost, we manually import updated DATS to Site B ePO server and any clients which originally talk to Site A now use Site B as the fallback repository to update DAT's


      What are the thoughts on this? I need a fairly swift solution/confirmation, preferably without using a dedicated cluster/failover solution.