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    desabling "Your computer is not fully protected" message

      Dear McAfee Experts:

      I am running McAfee Secutiry Center which came with my new VAIO notebook (Windows 7),

      and have disabled some protection on purpose.

      Every once in a while the following message appears in the bottom right coner of the screen:

      "Your computer is not fully protected" Please check your protection blah blah.

      To get rid of the message, requires me to click on [Close]. How many times

      one can do that??  McAfee doesn't get it that I'm not interested in this message,

      and annoyed that I have to click every time to remove it.

      I have unchecked all the boxes in Confire -> Alerts -> Advanced in Informational

      Alerts (and in other alerts), but this does not help.

      I would appreciate advice on how to get rid of this message.

      Thanks in advance