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    Fail to open file on shared folder after location based tag , file system monitor rule ( encrypt )

      McAfee DLP 3.0 , Endpoint Encryption for file and folder v3, EPO 4.5


      2 cleint ( A and B)

      MS server 2003 : SHARED folder (READ WRITE  : domain user , doamin admins, everyone, CREATOR, System  )

      Rule : location base tag

                file system montior rule (encrypt)


      When i try to upload the file from Client A computer to SHARED FOLDER,file is tagged and encrypted with KEY.

      When Client B try to go to the shared folder and open the file.

      Client A and B have the same key.

      Error is come out. It seems that the client B cannot have privliege to open the file.


      Finally, i go to check the file security ( READ WRITE : Domain administrators, Client A, system)


      It seems the the file cannot be opened with Client B Which is not included in the security of the File.


      Do the DLP agent or Endpoint encrytion agent will change the security of the file ?



      P.S. when i grant doamin admin rights to Client , Client B can open the file.


      Please help !!!


      It seems simple for upload a file from client A and then client B go to open the file.


      It is normal to all the office behaviour.

      How can i do ?