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    Internet Security 10 / Windows XP Home Startup Problem

      I am hoping somebody can help me with a problem I am having with Internet Security 10 and Windows XP Home.


      I am using a Dell Inspiron Mini 12 with Windows XP Home.  I recently had a failure on my hard disk, and I sent it back to Dell, where they replaced the hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Home edtion.  Upon receiving it back from Dell, I downloaded and installed McAfee Internet Security 2010.  The installation was successful, until I tried to reboot my computer.  Once I restarted, Windows XP Home just hung on the startup screen. 


      I was able to start up in safe mode.  Working with technical support, they provided me the Removal Tool which I used to uninstall McAfee.  I was then able to start up again normally, and I followed their instructions to reinstall McAfee Internet Security.  The same problem occurred after I rebooted.  When I contacted technical support again, they concluded that the problem must be with my hard disk and requested that I contact Dell for further troubleshooting.


      Something doesn't seem right here.  I was able to successfully install other applications (i.e. Firefox), and since my hard disk was just replaced and I'm using a fresh install of Windows, I doubt that a hard drive error is what's really going on.  And after I was done with McAfee support, I tried installing a different security program, and I was successfully installing TrendMicro and then rebooting normally.


      I also tried running McAfee Virtual Technician immediately after my McAfee Internet Security install, and it indicated no problems.


      Is anybody else having this type of problem, and if so, is there a solution?  I suspect there is something in Internet Security 2010 which conflicts with the Windows XP Home start up procedure on this computer. 


      Any help would be appreciated.  I really would like to continue using McAfee as my security solution on all my Windows computers, but this experience is now giving me second thoughts.

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          I am having the same or similar problem with Inspiron Mini 10.

          Was using pre-installed McAfee security program.  Having problems, so I attempted install of Total Protection Service, as I have multi-PC subscription.  Here is history:


          1.      Had problem with pre-installed McAfee.  Not updating and appeared to be inhibiting wireless access.

          2.      Downloaded and ran McAfee Virtual Technician.  Indicated register problems and fixed.

          3.      Problems continued.  Ran MVT again, several times, each time indicating registry problems.

          4.      Decided to remove existing McAfee and install McAfee Total Protection Service via download with existing 3-PC subscription.

          5.      Removed old program using Windows program removal tool.

          6.      Download would not complete as indicated conflicting program (virus scan).

          7.      Downloaded and ran McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool, Virus cleanup program; still not same message after several attempts.

          8.      Contacted McAfee support and was provided “fix.bat” file to run.

          9.      Ran fix.bat.  That eliminated conflicting program and download and install appeared to be successful.

          10.  However, on re-boot, PC would stall at Windows XP logo with bar and moving blue squares screen before log-in screen.

          11.  Powered off PC and restarted; Blue screen indicating improper Windows shut down appeared with options to start normally, start in safe mode or start with last good settings.

          12.  Would not reboot normally (same as 10).

          13.  Rebooted with last good settings.  Virus program screens appear normal, but was not functional.  Ran MVT and showed many registry problems and missing “services” and files.

          14.  Removed program as above and repeated at least 4 times.  Same result each time.

          15.  Contacted McAfee support.  After two very long sessions, McAfee said hard drive had problems per CHKDSK report; told to contact hardware vendor.

          16.  Ran CHKDSK with /F switch on drive C through Windows.

          17.  Contacted Dell.  Long session.  With Dell interactive support, ran diagnostics and completely reinstalled OS; Dell said drive and OS OK.  Dell then "recommended" TPS or McAfee "Virus Scan Plus"

          18.  Attempted re-install of McAfee TPS.  Same result as above.

          19.  Compeletely removed and attempted re-install with same results as above.

          20.  Took unit to my local PC tech.  They replicated problem the removed TPS.  Their opinion was the TPS was "too much".  Said PC and drive OK. 

          21.  Attempted install of "Virus Scan Plus"; same result - install appears good but PC will hang at Windows XP page before log in.

          22.  Have now installed Microsoft Security Essentials.

          23.  What gives, McAfee???

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            Same problem!!  I Have a main desktop Dell with McAfee loaded, no problem for years. Bought a Dell mini with 30 days trial of McAfee which worked. At the end of the 30 days bought a second license for my new mini tagged to my current subscription. Would not install ...hung windows, and when I hard -restarted after and chose the "most recent working version" of windows... Mcafee appeared to be working.. Stated it WAS working and up to date- but BEWARE it was NOT downloading updates nor was the firewall working- with NO warning of that.

            Uninstalled/ removed and reinstalled MANY TIMES :

            I spend HOURS and HOURS with three tiers of mcafee with on line and phone service. The result was that it wouldn't load at all (better than thinking it was working when not)

            They did a lot...of useless work.  They tried everything...and clearly had absolutely no clue.

            They tried to give me the same bull**** about the chkdsk error. It's a non-issue bitmap error and irrevelant to their program- it shows up in most computers including those running McAfee correctly.

            In the end, I uninstalled Mcafee on the mini.

            I gave up and for the moment have at least installed free AVG for the mini. Still running Mcafee on the desktop but it is due for re-up in early June. Am researching best antivirus software options on line.

            After years of Mcafee I may have to jump ship. REALLY disappointing experience. I quote the previous poster: "WHAT GIVES, MCAFEE??


            It is nice to learn that I am not alone in this! REALLY:  WHAT GIVES, MCAFEE?????

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              Hi All,

              Sorry for the inconvenience happened, Please let me know the following information so that we could help you with our best here;


              How old is the computer ?
              Did we have any malware infection in the computer previously ?

              Did you make any recent changes to the computer ?

              And GambeD' ,
              Since you have stated Mcafee total protecion service, could you please confirm whether are you trying to install the enterprise version or the home version ? as TPS refers to our enterprise products



              Dinesh K

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                NEW* XP home Dell Mini bought in Feb 2010 with 30 day free Mcafee. NO Malware. NO changes. LITTLE USE in the first 30 days.

                ABSOLUTELY unable to update in March 2010 as second license to current subscription. As previously stated HOURS of tech service- with people who had NO CLUE how to solve the problem. The only changes to OS or settings have been unwelcome ones by Mcafee tech support while flailing, clearly having no idea what the issue was.

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                  Hello Dinesh,


                  My Dell Inspiron is just over 1 year old.  As I believe I mentioned in my earlier post, I had just recently received it back from Dell, where they had replaced the hard drive and re-installed Windows.


                  There was no malware or infection detected.


                  Interestingly, I was able to successful install TrendMicro Internet Security, and it has been running fine on the computer for over a month.


                  Any suggestions you have may be helpful.  Due to this experience, I am considering not renewing my McAfee subscription when it expires this summer.  The TrendMicro product already includes licenses for 3 computers, so I will likely just use that on my other machines, unless I receive information to indicate why I should continue using McAfee.





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                    Evan, do you trust Trend Micro for everything, including financial stuff?  Are you using free or paid?I have been successfully using AVG free on my mini since this issue arose-but am fearful of using my mini for financial stuff d/t free software. I too have Mcafee running on primary computer and up for renewal soon and am disappointed. (per previous post)  Looking for alternatives. As an aside, my daughter's college has insisted on Trend for her computer and she has had many infections (but it's a college network and websites for 22 years olds involved- so ?? I might not have the same issues)

                    Thanks for input; and thanks for posting the problem in the first place. I figured I could NOT be the only person with this problem!


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                      Hi Kate,


                      I am completely comfortable with TrendMicro.  It has been reviewed positively in several major publications, and it's running without problems on my Dell Inspiron.  They offer a 30 day trial of the product, so feel free to try it out to see if you are comfortable with it.



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                        I have the exact same problem as stated in the original post (dated 25 February). Three separate times, I have tried to load McAfee Antivirus Plus 2010 on the same computer (a Dell Mini-9 with Windows XP Home).For each of the three case, the boot-up takes about 10 minutes (the animated horizontal bar at the bottom of screen continually streams left to right) then eventually a blue screen with the message "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME". I correct this by rebooting to safe mode and using Windows Restore to restore the computer to a previous working state (the state just prior to installing McAfee).


                        Appears to be a problem with the 2010 version (new interface) because the previous version did not behave this way.


                        Why hasn't McAfee fixed this? Does not appear that one can select the previous version from the McAfee web site.


                        Note: Prior to doing the above, I did a clean installation of Windows XP Home. I had to because upon applying the McAfee update (again, prior to the above), the computer would not boot and the boot option "...last known good configuration" did not work either!



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                          Passed issue again onto the powers that be they are working on it I hear.


                          Is this error while installing or after?


                          Also have you checked your harddisk?



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