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    Mcafee blocking links...making them appear as "broken" when they are not

      Hi everyone.

      I'm trying to download a link from flash player's website. the link is

      When I click on the link, the page loads and there are 4 options you can choose. 3 are for Mac OS and the first one is for Windows. When I click on the Mac OS link, the normal "save as" window opens up so I can download it to my computer, but when I click on the Windows uninstaller link, I get a "broken link" message. I have been messaging back and forth with the adobe flash player people for days trying to resolve it and they assure me that the link is working properly and that other people are able to open the link and download it to their desktops. They have even tried it themsleves. We have looked at browser issues, flash player issues, macromedia issues, and nothing works. We think that this might be an issue with the antivrus (mcafee) that is blocking certain ads, scripts, or plugins from certain sites, which is causing the link to appear to be broken when it is actually working properly.


      I am running windows XP. I have IE, firefox, safari, chrome. The link won't open in any of those internet browsers. I have all settings to allow cookies and third party cookies. I have the latests versions of all those browsers and the latest versions of flash player.


      Also, this may have somethign to do with this too, but when I google things, I can never open up the ad links that appear on the right side of the screen. you know, usually when you run a search for something, sometimes you get 2 or 3 inks right above the first valid link for your search with an ad of some sort, and also on the right side of the screen, you get the google ads. When I click those links I get the same connection problems that show the links as broken. I think maybe mcafee is blocking them somehow.


      HELP!!! I'm so frustrated