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    "error getting scan progress"



      I have this error appearing after I've done about 1% of a full scan on my computer. A quick scan works fine. I have consulted Macafee engineer who was unable to resolve the problem thus far. Has anyone else experienced this or can advise? I noticed there was a thread about a similar problem but don't know if there have been any solutions.



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          McAfee virus scan can produce a script error even if the windows task scheduler gets disabled in the computer . Can you provide some more additional information on this such as;

          What is the operating system of the computer ?

          How old is the computer ?

          What is the browser you use ? If IE, please open IE , click tools , click about Internet explorer

          And provide us with the details of version and cipher strength.


          And we will get back to you on this.





          Dinesh K

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            Hi, It's Version 8 IE , 256-bit cipher strength. Vista, about 2 years old.


            I was using firefox but have now uninstalled that as I noticed it had anti virus software in its yahoo toolbar and i wondered if that might be conflicting. But it seems this is a common problem according to some older threads.

            Thanks for looking into it.



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              Open IE, click tools , click internet options
              Click Advanced tab – click Reset
              Close all the open windows and restart the computer
              Then try to open security center and perform a manual scan.

              If you still face the issue, restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key,
              From the advanced boot option menu select safe mode and try to perform a scan .
              please report back if you have any issue with the exact error message and the version of virus scan & DAT .



              Dinesh K

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                Thanks Dinesh, I managed to do a full scan after doing your first step of clicking "reset".


                I don't know what the problem was.

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                  As I previously stated McAfee virus scan works along with certain microsoft scriptings and when you reset your internet explorer it optimises your IE .That solved the issue. Glad that you are ok now . Do report back if any other issues, we are here to help you.






                  Dinesh K

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