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    McAfee HIPS slows down the boot process of Windows XP



      I hope that somebody of you could help me with this annoying problem. We have just rolled out McAfee HIPS (incl. Patch 6) to our 3200 clients and since then many of them complain about that their notebooks take much more time to start up as they did before they have received HIPS. Now it takes about 10-15 minutes until they see the CTRL+ALT+DEL window, it stucks always at applying computer settings or applying network connections.


      - Windows XP SP3 with the latest MS Hotfix

      - ePO Agent 4.0

      - McAfee OAS 8.5.0i Patch 8

      - McAfee HIPS 7.0.0. Patch 6 (Build Number 1070)

      - (and some clients with SP2) with the latest MS Hotfix

      - Checkpoint VPN Client (FW rules still enabled)

      - Swisscom Unlimited Data Manger (for network connections management)


      let me know if you have any hint for me


      ManyThanks & Greetings from Switzerland