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    Control Center Backup questions



      I have a dev environment setup - two Sidewinders running in a HA Cluster and the Control Center v4.0.0.5 managing them.  I have configured a scheduled backup of the Cluster pointing to the Control Center.  I have also configured a schedule backup of the Control Center to itself.  Ultimately, I would like to move both backups off of the Control Center to a remote destination which would be backed up to tape - for DR purposes.  The Control Center has two backup options - configs or full but have not been able to find anything that specifically documents which folders actually get backed up in either case.  I have decrypted the backups and tried peeking inside to see what actually gets backed up but unable to see anything.  My thought is I could point the backup of the Sidewinders to a directory on the Control Center that gets picked up by the Control Center full backup and send that backup to a remote destination.   Has anyone else been down this road or have any tips/advice?


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