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    VSE HTTP Update Failing - "Unable to find a valid repository." IIS

      We're looking to move to using a local HTTP service for our AV updates.


      The clients on our network are already configured to receive updates this way. They point to a local domain web server. The webserver is IIS.

      Local DNS enteries have been set. The Webserver and clients can properly ping eachother.


      The version of VSE on the webserver machine is set to mirror it's updates to the proper IIS directory for sharing. (Mirror Task Successful) This process seems to be working, as the directory has been populated with files since the last update on the server. (The Server is set to get its updates from the default HTTP and FTP NAI sources.) (Update Task Successful)



      The problem is that the Client machines are all giving errors when they attempt to update. The update log file is as such:


      2/24/2010    8:32:01 AM    I**system**user**    Starting task: AutoUpdate
      2/24/2010    8:32:02 AM    I**system**user**    Unable to find a valid repository.
      2/24/2010    8:32:02 AM    I**system**user**    Update process failed.


      I've hit a wall in figuring out what to try next.

      -The HTTP directory is reachable from the clients (verified with ping and browser).

      -The Update files appear to be properly populating the HTTP directory.

      -The client Repository seems to be set properly (per the DNS entry confirmed reachable above)

      -The Clients update properly update if set to NAI servers.



      So, it must be soemthing on the IIS server? Is there something I am missing or need to do different here?


      **No EPO .


      **VSE version 8.7.0i



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          I think I figured it out. The mirror task was placing the files in a Subdirectory labeled "Updates" rather than the root directory. The Update process does not search the subdirectory initially.


          I'm not certain if this is the default action, or if this is how it was pre-configured on our machines before I took over.

          Either way, I'm hoping it's as simple as telling the mirror task to simply put the files in the root directory.