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    XP Antirus Pro

      I also got the malware XP Antivirus Pro on my home computer.  I did have McAfee Total Protection running and never turned it off (and current since I have it set on auto update), so I'm not sure how it got thru.  I did try to shut down this malware using task manager, and got a reply about av.exe, so it seems similar/same as the post by stev started 2feb2010.    In that string it talks about going to vil.mcafeesecurity.com, which I did.   Then download win_betaengdat.zip, which I could not find.   I note in the string on Feb 4 & 5 the user noted the first version did not work then the next day reported the beta version created 2/3/2010 did work.  Further down (feb 8) stev runs thru some instructions and says he needs to pk-unzipped the file, but I don't know how to do this.   So, how can I get the right version of the file (presumably the beta version from 2/3/2010), and how do I pk-unzip it?    I am not particularly computer savvy so need step by step instructions, please.      My friend at work (who I don't share files or emails with) told me he had this and ran malewarebytes and it got rid of it.    Is running malewarebytes, stopzilla, spyware-doctor or other similar programs a good idea?  And one final question, can McAfee write a prevention string into their program for this malware and send this out as an update (it seems like this Antivirus Pro has been around awhile and it seems McAfee would write a code to prevent it by now).

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          Oh, BTW I ran a complete scan with McAfee and it found 0 infected files.


          Update, I ran the FakeAlertStinger and it found and got rid of the av.exe files and no more XP Antivirus Pro, but now I have the problem that I cant open up or do alot of things (others have described it as that no .exe files will work).





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