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    McAfee Out of date

      Hi guys,


      I've had my computer for about 5-6 years now. It's running Windows XP and my only anti-virus/anti-spyware is ViruScan Enterprise+ AntiSpyware Entreprise 8.5.0i. My Microsoft Security Center has been telling me for months that my software is out of date. When I right click on my McAfee icon, and open About, it says that the DAT Created on is May 26, 2009. If I do an update now, it does it completely, but the date doesn't change!



      Any help on the matter? Is my computer at risk? Also, I can't provide any information as to when I bought this or that, unfortunatly (or fortunatly for me) my dad provides the computer and all the softwares on it already installed...



      Thank you so much



      Moved from Security Awareness to VirusScan Enterprise - MOD



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