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    I think I have found a new virus

      I have found 3 common Microsoft files on my computer that launch at startup where their code signitures do not verify on one computer and they do verify on another computer.


      They have idenitcal version numbers from Microsoft and identical file sizes to the files with the verified siginitures.


      My computers Web Browser IE8 has recently been getting highjacked by a Message Box popup and a page that says my computer may be infected and needs to be scanned. As a software engineer with 28 years of computer experiance I know what a load of crap that was.


      I found these three files: advapi32.dll, autochk.exe, and logonui.exe failing their signiture validation. I then scanned them McAfee Enterprise 8.5.0i and it found nothing. I do think the files are infected with "Something" that needs to be added to your scanning database.


      Is there a way I could send them to McAfee for further investigation?